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My first cat and what a hunter!  Her favorite prey
was snakes which she'd bring home and leave for
me to enjoy (always still alive and waiting in
my living room!)

Yes, he was big!  Most memorable moment with this cat would be the time my husband walked past Peanut who was sitting peacefully under the picnic table.  The cat jumped to run and hit his head under the table.  From that point on, the cat feared my husband.  We really believe that cat thought my husband hit him on the head and would do it again.  It took a very long time to get "Pean" to come around.  Poor Peanut died lying upon that very same table.  He is greatly missed!


Sister to Peanut and also a great huntress.
Proudly leaves body parts at the back door
(mole heads, gut bags and various other entrails).
The patio is often a bloody "mouseacre."


Adopted February 27, 1999

What a cat!!
No one knows what he'll do next.
He can often be found sleeping (what else do cats do?).

We just love this cat and his crazy personality.


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Created by WestWynd
December 29, 1998