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Santa? Yeah Right!
By Kelly

    I remember a Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house, a long, long time ago.  I had waited for what seemed like forever for the women to finish the dishes so we could finally open the presents.  I'm sure that I must have asked a hundred times "when can we open the presents?" to which the usual reply was "in a few minutes."  Adults have no idea how long a few minutes are to a child waiting to open their Christmas presents! 

    Finally, when the kitchen was clean, the women would join the rest of the family in the living room.  Most of the family was OLD!   As everyone found a place to sit I heard a sound.  Sleigh bells outside of the house.  I was sure that was the sound!  Someone said, "Kelly, it's Santa."

    Well, since I was about 7 years old and wise beyond my years, I knew they were pulling my leg.  Santa? Yeah right.   I brushed it off and went about handing out all the gifts from under the tree.

    I gleefully opened my presents one by one.  I felt so lucky to get so many presents as I was the only child in the house at that time.  The sound of paper scrunching and ripping filled the air. I was always able to open a present in record time.  Like most kids, it was rip open package as quickly as possible, hoping it was a toy.  Don't show disappointment if it's something like a sweater or some unnecessary knick-knack.  Be sure to acknowledge the person(s) that gave you the gift, being careful to put the tag in the box as instructed by mother.  Quickly toss aside opened gift and move on the next  without wasting time.

    After carefully opening every present (well, I doubt I was careful but I was a kid and I'm exaggerating here) I heard my mother say, "Kelly, what's that up there in the tree?"

    I looked up and saw there was something amongst the branches.  I found a white envelope with my name written on it.  Carefully opening the envelope, I found  a Christmas card inside.  The card said "Look on the porch" and was signed "from Santa."  I ran to the door and opened it, feeling the crisp, cool air hit my face.  I flipped on the porch light and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a beautiful hot pink sting ray bicycle with a white wicker basket and a "banana" seat with big colorful flowers on it (we're talking sixties here, so you know the kind of flowers I'm talking about.)  I was so thrilled! Oh, the kids on my street would be jealous of me now.

    I still remember what it felt like when I saw my new bicycle like it was just yesterday.  I was the luckiest kid in the world.  I proudly rode that beautiful new pink bike on Christmas morning, hoping the neighbors were watching me out their windows.  Santa? Well, maybe.

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